Gadgets that simplify housework

Unable to find house help? Try these great gadgets to ease your burden.

Let’s do the Roomba!
iRobot Roomba: The acclaimed cleaning robot has finally come to India. This robot is one of the best in the market and smartly cleans up your home. Unlike other bot cleaners, Roomba maps the room with its intelligent sensors plus camera and vacuum cleans every nook and corner of the room. The user can control this robot with the help of the app and set a cleaning schedule as per their liking; after this Roomba will go back to its charg ing station and get into stand by mode. This one can be picked up for `59,990.

A new brew
Mr Coffee Smart Coffeemaker: All we need in the morning is a fresh cup of coffee. What if it could be ready without lifting a finger? Well some pre-taps on the mobile phone app are required, but once done the coffee machine will do the rest on its own. This coffeemaker connects easily to the home’s Wi-fi network and, in a matter of minutes, gets ready to brew a fresh cup of coffee (once set) every morning. Priced at Rs 15,200 it is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.

Quite a dish!
Bosch Serie 6 SMS60 dishwasher: Washing the dishes is probably the most painful job one has to do. A dishwasher like this one makes a lot of sense.Bosch Serie 6 uses minimal water and time to clean all types of utensils in the household. These include steel and ceramic among others. Just place them in the tray, set the mode and let the washer do the rest. It also shows you the amount of time left in the wash cycle. It can be picked up for Rs 35,000 from most online stores.

Two for joy
LG Twin Wash washing machine: This is a larger-than-life washing machine with a capacity of over 22 kg. You can put the whole week’s laundry at once and this washing machine will clean it with the best precision.This washer has a second tub underneath that washes your delicate garments. The modes can be managed with the help of the supplied app supported on both iOS and Android devices. There are some pre-loaded wash cycles and the rest can be downloaded, and managed through the mobile app. Further, there is a troubleshoot mode available on the app. In case the machine develops a snag, the app will tell you how to resolve it with out calling a technician.